Tips For Choosing The Best New Orleans Foundation Repair Company

house levelingFoundation repair is sometimes necessary when the stability of your home is at risk. Some indicators may include cracks in the outside bricks. Or you may notice that the doors and window frames separate or do not open or close properly. There may be gaps in the ceiling and wall or you may notice cracks in the tile and foundation. In extreme cases, the floors may slope and become uneven with walls separating.

New Orleans is a unique city in that there is serious subsidence of the soil. In many areas of New Orleans, homes must be built on pilings that are driven deeply into the ground. The foundation literally sits on the top of the pilingsĀ  But in the event that there is a problem with the pilings and they are non-supportive, seriousĀ  foundation problems occur.

If you believe that your foundation has shifted, immediately contact foundation repair New Orleans to correct the damage. This local contractor is an expert in house leveling. He will discuss the pros and cons of the restoration repair using up to date materials so that it will not happen again. Because it is so important to keep your family safe and your home in stable condition, contact Al Sanchez Construction to inspect your home to determine if foundation repair is an option for your New Orleans home.